CoreLeoni | Live@de Bosuil Weert | 08.11.2018

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On Thursday the 8th of November I was heading to the Bosuil in Weert, to witness a gig of Leo Leoni’s “side”project from his main band Gotthard, CoreLeoni. And I like to think this band name is well selected, because Leo is still the rocker in his core, like he was in 1994, when I first saw Gotthard live at the ViaRock festival, on their ‘Dial Hard’ tour. Tonight will probably be a trip down memory lane.

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standing in the light
get it while you can
fist in your face
walk on water
all I care for
let it be
in the name
tell no lies
make my day
mountain mama
she goes down
ride on
here comes the heat

immigrant song