BRINGS | live @ LandgraafLive Festival (NL) | 02.07.2021

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BRINGS | live @ LandgraafLive Festival (NL) | 02.07.2021

Friday the 2de of July was a beautiful and sunny day. Our friends from Cologne (DE), better known as  BRINGS, paid a musical visit to the Landgraaf Live Festival. The festival is situated on the MEGALAND festival terrain, where normally the Pinkpop festival takes place every year.
The band was also very exited and glad they could play the festival, as this would mark their first real live show, since the beginning of this world wide pandemic, that has been making our lives miserable for a year and a half and has made major events impossible for a while. But damn, did these guys give away a great show, that clocked almost 120 minutes. The band was trilled and wanted to hug every single person in the audience.

Thanks for this great gig BRINGS and thank you Landgraaf Live for taking the step to set up an event of this size and allure. The place looked amazing and was on fire!!

I hope you all enjoy the photo impressing I have made of the evening.